Boxes & Packing Supplies

Galactic Movers offers a wide selection of moving boxes and packing supplies including tape, packing paper, markers, paper pads, bubble wrap, and stretch wrap (please refrain from popping bubbles until your move is complete).

We'll give you a full refund for any boxes you don't use (or keep them and construct a totally awesome fort for your kids!).

-Moving Boxes

Use the box guide to figure out how many you need to pack up for your move.

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-Standard Moving Boxes

*1.5 Cubic Foot Moving Box: The smallest box sold at Galactic Movers, it's often referred to as the book or record box; best used for small heavy objects like books, records, cans, jars of food, utensils, flatware, shoes, etc.

*3 Cubic Foot Moving Box: Referred to as the lamp or lampshade box; frequently used interchangeably with the 1.5 cubic foot box.

*4.5 Cubic Foot Moving Box: As the box gets larger, use for lighter objects such as pillows, bedding and stuffed animals.

*6 Cubic Foot Box: Used for light objects; if you pack heavy items in this box it will be difficult to move.

*Picture Or Mirror Moving Box: A four-piece box that can come in large or small sizes (small shown); can be customized by telescoping in and out. Use crumpled packing paper in the corners to add cushion and make sure to wrap your mirror or picture with bubble wrap before placing it in the box.

*Wardrobe Moving Box: Allows clothes to be transported on hangers; includes a metal bar along the top of the box to hang clothing.

*Boxes For Moving Dishes: Also called a barrel, dish barrel or dish box; It's the strongest box available. Pack fragile, breakable items such as china, usually used for kitchen items.

*Dish Pack Inserts: Cardboard that goes inside the dish pack boxes to form individual cells for fragile items; inserts adjustable; extra cardboard piece included to be used as springboard to cushion.

-Packing Supplies

*Packing Paper/Plain Newsprint: Used to wrap everyday items to prevent scratching; when crunched up it can be used as cushioning.

*Tissue Paper: Softer than newsprint, used for wrapping very delicate items; also provides cushioning and fills in small spaces when packing fragile figures and china.

*Bubble Wrap: Plastic packing material made up of hundreds of tiny "air cushions" or bubbles used to over-wrap small, delicate items after they are wrapped in tissue; also helpful when wrapping larger fragile items such as lamps and pictures.

*Pink Anti-static Bubble Wrap: Used to wrap electronics including stereos and computers. It is similar to traditional bubble wrap but does not cause static electricity. If traditional bubble wrap is used to pack these items, a static electric charge could be created, damaging the item.

*Packing Tape/ Sealing Tape: Plastic tape, 1.5 inches (3.81cm) to 2 inches (5.08cm) wide; best for packing, test to see if it ruins finish before taping up drawers and canisters.

*Permanent Marker: Used to label boxes with contents and destination in new location; mark boxes "fragile" and "this side up" when appropriate.

*Re-Sealable Plastic Bags: Used for nuts and bolts as you disassemble items, tape bag to disassembled item.

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