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The Difference Between Packers And Movers

While it may sound like we are splitting hairs, there is a difference between packers and movers. We get this question often, but our differentiation between the two terms allows us to be able to move at a rate that surpasses other moving companies effectively. Here’s the short answer: Packers pack your objects, movers move them.

What do Packers do?

Packers are responsible for taking each of the individual objects and placing them in the boxes correctly. Their jobs entail organization and precision. The Galactic Packers are masters at being able to pack the objects economically and in a manner that ensures safety. There is a different skill set involved in packing objects as opposed to moving them.

What do Movers do?

Movers are responsible for lifting the boxes and escorting them safely. This doesn’t mean that they don’t provide the same level of care that goes into packing. But once again it’s a different skill set, they are mainly responsible for moving quickly and setting boxes down. Moving is not as meticulous of a job.

What’s the difference between packers and movers?

Not a lot, but enough. Firstly, most of our Galactic employees do packing and moving. But some people are better at one over the other, and if we have a move that requires packing and moving, the workers who are nimbler and organized will be packing while the stronger and more durable workers will be responsible for moving the boxes.

Galactic Movers LLC

Some questions in life don’t require a lot of thought to it. When it comes to the difference between packers and movers, it’s more of a question of David and Goliath. The two can work in cooperation and it’s no problem, you need both dexterity and strength to be a Galactic Mover, and we provide the very best in both packers and movers. If you ever need the best moving service in Houston, better call Galactic Movers!

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