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Moving A Baby Grand Piano

When looking for a company to move a baby grand piano in the Houston area, there appears to be many choices out there. But be careful; not all companies are alike, and their experience and service levels can vary greatly, despite being similar in price.

This is a very delicate instrument despite its size. There are many small and delicate parts that work together precisely. They can be broken or knocked out of sync with each other rather easily. Moving the piano must be done with as little jarring movements as possible. Only experienced crews will be able to do it correctly and in a timely fashion.

There are many companies who will boast about being able to move any and everything, but it is important to do some research before choosing a company. These instruments can be so difficult to relocate that some companies will refuse to touch them. Those that have adequate experience will have all of the necessary equipment at their disposal to move it anywhere. They will also have the proper amount of manpower on hand. There should be a minimum of three people there, with four to five being optimal. There should be at least one extra employee to help direct and guide the movement.

When looking for a company to move a baby grand piano in the Houston area, consider Galactic Movers LLC. Our crew has years of experience in relocating a number of bulky and heavy items.

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