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Moving Difficult Items, Tips from the Professionals!

How to Move Some Difficult Items

You have just purchased or signed a lease on a new home. Now all you need to do is pack all of your personal possessions and start the move across town or across the country. You just forgot something crucial, though; you have an item that is difficult to move. Sure you know how to pack your dishes, clothing, and even your electronics, but what if you need to move an aquarium? Here are some tips that can help you in packing some of the most difficult items.

-Potted Plants Even if you think your plant is the most durable one in town, in all likelihood, it can get damaged during the move. Take some time a few weeks before the big move and replant your plants in plastic planters instead of their standard ceramic pots. Doing so will make the plants easier to lift. Your potted plants are houseplants for a reason; they do not like to be in extreme hot or cold temperatures. Having them in the back of a moving van can be problematic for the plants. Make some room in the back of your car, put the planters in larger boxes, so they don’t tip and put your plants in your car. Most moving companies will not move living things, so it is imperative for you to think of this beforehand.

-Aquariums As you may have expected, aquariums are very hard objects to move. It is very common for fish not to survive a move. Usually, they get pushed around the tank violently, and it’s difficult to regulate the temperature of the water in the moving process. For you to save your fish, you will need to move your fish into a holding container and after, drain almost all of the water from the aquarium. If your aquarium has live plants, make sure to put them into a Ziploc bag with some aquarium water. Try to take the plants and fish with you in your car. If you can, attempt to take the aquarium as well. Once again, the moving company will probably not transfer your fish and plants, because they are live.

-Musical Instruments Believe it or not, musical instruments may also be somewhat complicated to pack. Woodwind and brass instruments can be taken apart and put in a hard case for the move. If you do not have a hard case for them, wrap each piece individually in some bubble wrap and set them in a box with packing peanuts and towels. Stringed instruments may also take some work to move. First, you will need to loosen the strings of the instruments. Then, place the instrument in a hard case and add paper inside, so the instrument does not move around. If you do not have a case, wrap your instrument in plastic, like a garbage bag. After that put the instrument in a box that is big enough to hold the instrument add some packing peanuts and on the sides. Lastly, remember to mark the outside of the box as to which side should be up and inform the movers on the contents of the box.

Thanks for reading... enjoy!!

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