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Long Distance vs. Interstate Moving

There doesn’t need to be a lot of confusion about this, but many of our readers are curious if there is a difference between long distance and interstate moving. Well, there is, and the difference may be small, but it is important to note.

For the short and sweet answer, the difference is as easy as ‘Interstate’ crosses state lines and thus requires special services. But, ultimately, there are fine lines in both services.

What do you get with Long Distance Moving

Distance – Ultimately, when we are determining long distance moving, we would consider it to be city to city. For example, Houston to Austin would still be considered long distance even if it was Houston to Dallas.

long distance moving The difference with Local – The only difference being that Long Distance are guaranteed to be one-day jobs at the minimum. When we have local moves, we bill them based on the possibility that they are less than one day jobs.

Within State Lines – Another key factor is that we are within state lines. Certain risks have to be addressed if someone becomes injured in a different state that affect the pricing on our services.

What do you get with Interstate Moving

interstate moving Out of State – Seeing as how it is a 7-hour drive to get from San Antonio to New Mexico, we automatically assume this will be a 2-day job. Because of this when we deal with interstate moving practices, we always want to be as transparent with our workers as possible, and it affects the pricing in the same way.

Insurance Purposes – We work to keep our movers as safe as possible and in as few hotels as possible. Because of this, we make that large distinction for out of state moving.

Galactic Movers

Galactic Movers works to be the best moving company in Texas. So if you have any questions about your move such as ” Long Distance vs. Interstate Moving” let us know! If you have any questions for us about our company or services, please give us a call today! 713-999-8030

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