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Start Your New Life Right – Choose Galactic Movers Today!

Whether you are planning a move from a few miles away or just from one city to another, you can count on us at Galactic Movers for exceptional service. Your move will go smoothly and your movers will get you out of your old home and into your new home with zero stress.

The price you will pay for such remarkable service is truly affordable. When you contact us by phone or via the Internet, we will offer you a free estimate. Feel free to read our reviews on Facebook, Google or elsewhere to see we are highly recommended and offer amazing service.

-Galactic Movers, We will go over all questions that you might have about your move patiently. We will think of items you need to pack that may have slipped your mind. We are thorough and professional. We want your move to start your new life off in Texas to go as smoothly and as quickly as you do.

Our team of Galactic movers are all experienced and professional. They will arrive on time for the day of the move. Customers appreciate that we actually will introduce ourselves before wrapping all furniture and moving out all boxes. If we are unsure of any items, we will double check with the customer to make sure everything is correct.

To get the best experience, you may wish to set your pick up for the big move for the middle of the morning. You will have time to get everything done that needs to be done at the last minute, and we will be able to get to you free of any morning traffic.

Another tip is that while you can hire only three movers to save money, it is probably more efficient to hire four for homes bigger than 4 rooms. This will cost you about $20 more per hour, but the results are worth it because the move will go much faster both from your old place to your new place.

Our skilled movers will make sure everything you have packed will go in the correct room when you arrive at your new home. If you like, you can also mark boxes for the different rooms with different colored stickers. This will help the movers get the job done faster as they will not have to stop and ask you where each box goes if they know a red sticker indicates items that go in the kitchen, for example

Get your new life off to a smooth start and have faith and confidence using our moving company. Contact us now by phone or online for a free estimate. Do not forget to ask us any other questions you may have especially if you will be moving antiques or art.

We aim to make every customer a happy, stress-free customer. Our rates are affordable, many times being even much less than other moving companies. Yet, our service is out of this world just as the Logo implies. Get your free estimate today! 713-999-8030

Thank for reading!..Happy Holidays!!

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